Monday, 14 September 2015


We are learning about Rangatiratanga (Leadership and initative).

This is what we think Rangatiratanga is...
  • Helping new kids –showing them what to do and where things are
  • Doing something without being asked
  • Helping
  • Solving problems for ourselves… thinking
  • Leading by example… showing by doing
  • It is not being a bossy boots
Rangatiratanga (Leadership and Initiative) - it is all about thinking and making some choices for ourselves. 

We need to think for ourselves!!

I show rangatiratanga - (leadership and initative) in the classroom.
Kerri thinks

I show rangatiratanga - (leadership and initative) in the playground.
Kerri thinks

My Reflection
I show rangatiratanga in the playground by: I help people when they are hurt and sometimes help them on the swing. I am doing the right thing.

I show rangatiratanga in the classroom when: I tidy up the I time containers at brunch without being asked.

It was really hard when: the kids just throw their I time bits on the table and I have to sort them all out.

Kerri Thinks
You show rangatiratanga in and out of the classroom. You are someone who leads by example. You can be counted on to quietly do the right thing, even if the questions are hard, and you are in the right spot trying your very best. You show initative when you make choices about what needs to be done and getting on and doing it - you are a quiet thinker and leader.
Thank you for helping keep the i-time icons tidy even when the kids just dump them on the table. You can be counted on to do the job, without being asked.

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